The Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre SCIO aims to preserve, protect and advance the heritage and traditions of the island of Whalsay.


It is an excellent place to visit and find out about the isle's heritage, culture and local tourist information.


We display permanent exhibitions of Whalsay's fishing activities through the ages and information about the Lairds and their influence on the Isle. Each winter committee members develop additional pieces of local history for seasonal exhibition, these can all be viewed during summer opening times.



The Whalsay History Group was formed in 1984 and acquired premises in 1993. This is now known as the Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre.


The Heritage Centre is in the renovated farmers house of the Midden Court, part of the old Symbister House complex. Symbister House is the main Georgian manor where the Whalsay Secondary School is now. You will find our building sitting to the left of the school. It can be accessed easily by going around the back of the school and through the North Arch.     


An important part of the heritage centre is the reading room where we hold lots of information on projects ongoing and from the past like: WW1, WW2, weddings, knitting, houses, schools, shops, photo archives and much more. The Heritage Centre members are happy to help anyone interested in research.


During our Winter Season we are open every Thursday evening from 7 - 9pm when as a committee we meet to research and plan for our summer exhibitions. Anyone is welcome to come and have a look around or join in with the activities. We are also delighted to welcome new members at anytime. During the Summer Season we are open 4 afternoons per week from 2 - 5pm on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Please see Contacts for further information and Directions for help in finding us.