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In the Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre we have a wide range of gifts available to purchase from talented local craftspeople including fair isle gloves, children's bonnets, 'Huxter Hens', 'makkin' belts, jewellery, mugs, books and trinkets. We also have an exclusive range of merchandise in our Shetland silver jewellery and Burns crystal glassware. The inspiration for the unique motif on our merchandise comes from the ornate granite stonework that decorates the Symbister House buildings and can be seen in the courtyard opposite the Heritage Centre. 



Burns Crystal Glass 

Beautiful glassware decorated with the Symbister House stoneware motif or an intricate Whalsay isle design. Prices begin at £6, a lovely gift or keepsake from your visit to Whalsay.  


Makin Belts

I wonder if it is a makin, maakin or makkin belt (our local dialect means these types of quandaries are common.)

The knitting belt is used to hold needles in place while knitting. These hand-made, colourful, one of a kind belts are made from scratch by a Whalsay craftsman. 




Beautiful intricate silver necklaces, cufflinks and earrings with our own unique motif inspired by the granite stoneware decoration on the Symbister House buildings. 


Cards and postcards

Funny, cute and uniquely 'Shetland' cards, postcards and souvenirs available to buy in the Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre. Many are made from photographs taken by local photographers. On this card we can see the four fair isle cardigans hanging on a clothes line with the pier in the background. 

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